Powell’s championship battle tightens

BRDC Rising Star, Alice Powell, had a mixed weekend at Donington Park, with problems in Race Two, allowed her rival to go level on points, with one weekend remaining.

In qualifying, Alice was swapping top spot with nearest rival, Alex Craven, when her throttle got partly stuck on, forcing her into a spin into the gravel. Alice dropped to 3rd in the times.

For race one, Powell got a brilliant start and jumped into P2. For the next five laps, Alice had to withstand huge pressure from Tristan Cliffe, who was right on her tail. Finally, Cliffe got past, but then spun off two laps later into the gravel, promoting Alice into second place once more. The former Cotswold School student’s defensive skills were tested for the remainder of the race, as Louis Hamilton-Smith pressured to find a way past, however, Alice held on to take 2nd, with her championship rival Alex Craven, taking the win.

Alice lined up in fourth place for Race Two. The drama began even before the race has started because as Alice rolled up to her grid slot before the warming up lap, her car cut out, but the car battery was too flat to start the car. She had to be push started by the marshals, which resulted in a 10 seconds penalty. Alice struggled to keep pace with the trio in front, but the race was cut short, as the red flag ended the race with 5 minutes to spare. Alice crossed the line in P4, but her penalty dropped her to P5.

Speaking after the weekend, Alice explained, “It was always going to be a tough weekend. My Toyota engine is no way near as strong as my rivals, as it is 30kg heavier, so it makes it tricky on the type of corners that Donington produces and up the steep hill. However, we have to stay positive and we have a month to work hard to get things sorted for the final round. It is going to be close, but I am so determined to win”.

After dropped scores, Alice is joint top of the F3 Cup standings with just one race weekend left, which will be fought out at Snetterton on the 26-27th October.