Alice Powell Receives Goldstar Award From Stirling Moss At Autosport International Show

Alice Powell struck gold at Europe’s leading racing car show, Autosport International, this weekend, when she scooped the coveted BWRDC GoldStars Award – presented to her by the legendary Sir Stirling Moss.

In front of TV crews, an army of photographers and a huge crowd surrounding the British Women’s Racing Drivers Club (BWRDC) stand, the highly talented Formula Renault driver stepped forward to accept the GoldStars ‘Elite’ category Award from Sir Stirling.

This prestigious award is presented on merit to a junior member who has shown the capability of and aspires to become a professional driver.

Already spotted as a rising star of the future, Alice who lives in Chipping Norton and attends the Cotswold School near Cheltenham, says: ”When I heard my name read out, I thought ‘Wow’! And to have Stirling Moss present the award it’s just fantastic! Amazing! It’s really, really good that I’ve won this award. It means a lot to me, to have such a great club like the BWRDC.”

Alice says: “It’s a real honour to get recognition. Few women have made it in motorsport and no one has made a real impact in F1 – that is my ambition. I think the time is right, if a girl is out there doing well then more women would watch Formula 1 – it would definitely make it more exciting.”

Alice continues: “I’d like to be a role model for girls entering motor sport. A successful woman in motor sport would be a true ambassador for the sport and women wanting to enter it and do well. I am breaking new ground and would like to do for motor sport what Ellen MacArthur has done for sailing.”

Sir Stirling says: “I really am pleased that ladies are showing up so well now and so competent in racing, that we can look forward to some really important things and I think anything that can help towards that is a good thing. My sister (the late Pat Moss-Carlsson) was a really terrific driver and there have been other ones too, but I don’t believe they ever received the opportunities that maybe we get as men.”

“It doesn’t take great strength to drive a car it just takes balance and if you discover a woman who is good, you will often find they are exceptionally good. There’s no reason why a lady shouldn’t be as good as a man! “

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